July 27, 2020No Comments

Finding calm amidst the chaos…

One thing lockdown has allowed for is for us all to dig a little deeper to find our inner calm, to refocus and to realise what is truly important to us. Here's one of the first digital illustrations I did that takes me to that same place of calm <3

June 7, 2020No Comments

My Isolation Creation

As a result of the current pandemic, I've found myself like many, with an unusual amount of time on my hands. After completing Netflix, mastering banana bread and exercising my mornings away, I decided to revisit my passion for illustration, and have since set up an online store to sell a print here and there - check it out jenmadden.co.uk. My NEW challenge is to sharpen my Adobe Illustrator skills by creating a series of digital illustrations. So, here is the first, and the first post of my new blog. A journey of my creations in isolation, and possibly the odd meltdown... (let's hope not!) For more updates check out my instagram - @jenmaddenillustration.

Let me know what you think!

 Art Direction  .  Graphic Design  .  Illustration by Jen Madden .  Get In Touch  ©StudioMDN 2020

 Art Direction  .  Graphic Design  .  Illustration by Jen Madden .  hello@jenmaddenstudio.com  ©StudioMDN 2019